2017 Fall Novice (left to right): 4th Place: L. English with Pep (8:49), 2nd Place L.English with Wink (5:04), 1st Place: J. Moss with Reba (4:01), 5th Place: H. Doolittle with Izzy (11:00) 5th Place: T. Stoutamire with Dean (11:00) not pictured 3rd Place: Woody Warr with Dexter (8:09)

2017 Fall Open Puppy (left to right): 1st Place: S. Pickenpaugh with Lizzie (12:00) and 2nd Place: S. Hader with Lola (14:00)

2017 Fall Open Adult (left to right): 2nd Place: A. Moss with Boo (5:19), 1st Place: E. Epp with Meg (4:39), 4th Place: D. Tankersley with Capn (6:31), 5th Place: D. Tankersley with Doc (6:56) not pictured 3rd Place: A. Hunt with Spook (5:34)

2017 Fall Sportsman Adult Class (left to right): 5th Place: I. English with Wink (10:16), 4th Place: D. Horne with Sam (8:09), 1st Place: D. Horne with Louis (5:39), 2nd Place: M. Paramore with Jake (7:24), 3rd Place: J. Tankersley with Dixie (7:56)

2017 Kid's Event Ages 9-12

Red Hills Spaniels 

 Fall Invitational Winners

2017 Kid's Event Ages 4-8: 1st Place: M. Holton with Molly (1:55), 2nd Place: B. Earnest with Dixie (2:37), 3rd Place: L. Hicks with Dixie (2:45), 4th Place: H. Lee with Dixie (2:58), and  5th Place: MG King with Bozz (5:20)

2017 Fall Sportsman Puppy (left to right): 2nd Place: R. Wright with Covey (16:00 and 1st Place: W. Hall with Lola (10:37)