2020 Kid’s Event Ages: 4-8
1st Place: E. Crocker with Sam (1:13), 2nd Place: N. Inman with Bella (1:20), 3rd Place: G. Holton with Bear (1:20), 4th Place: C. Hufstetler with Penny (1:21), 5th Place: F. Crocker with Louie (1:51)

Red Hills Spaniels 

 Spring Invitational Winners

2020 Open Adult
1st Place: D. Harden with Kona (3:35), 2nd Place: H. Holton with Bear (3:48), 3rd Place: E. Small with Gus (4:20), 4th Place S. Pickenpaugh with Olver (4:57), 5th Place C. Rodgers with Chip (5:15)

2020 Kid’s Event Ages: 9-12
1st Place: C. Harden with Chancey (2:17), 2nd Place: C. Harden with Kona (2:38), 3rd Place: G. Small with Gus (2:48), 4th Place: A. Imhof with Hope (2:49), 5th Place: A. Archor with Wyatt (2:52), 5th Place: A. Imhoff with Faith (2:52)

2020 Sportsman Adult
1st Place: J. Stoutamire with Wyatt (3:43), 2nd Place: C. Britton with Copper (4:28), 3rd Place: J. Stoutamire with Pete (5:02), 4th Place: J. Fisher with Pete (5:12), 5th Place: J. Stoutamire with Scout (5:19)

2020 Open Puppy
1st Place: H. Holton with Bear (3:40), 2nd Place: D. Harden with Sophie (7:01), 3rd Place: P. Betts with Jack (7:08), 4th Place: B. Chesnut with Igit (7:48), 5th Place: T. Easom with Millie (8:00)

2020 Young Shooters: 1st Place: L. Moss with Reba (4:35)
2020 Seniors: 1st Place: R. Stoutamire with Suzzie (4:10), 2nd Place: J. Harbison with Wren (6:24)

2020 Sportsman Puppy
1st Place: M. McCluney with June (11:00), 2nd Place: C. Chutes with Rose (11:00), 3rd Place: J. Fisher with Rip (12:00), 4th Place: J. Bragg with Rip (13:00), 5th Place: E. Lawson with Rip (15:50)

2020 Novice
1st Place: S. Paramore with Ripple (2:23), 2nd Place: M. Britton with Cooper (2:56), 3rd Place: C. Stoutamire with Pete (2:59), 4th Place: T. Stoutamire with Scout (3:02), 5th Place: H. Doolittle with Otis (3:34)