2019 Open Puppy Class (left to right): 3rd Place: E. Epp with Woody (12:00), 5th Place: E. Epp with Bigshot (13:00), 3rd Place: D.Harden with Hope (12:00), 2nd Place: J. Nolan with Andy (12:00), 1st Place: W.Warr with Charlie (4:51)

Red Hills Spaniels 

 Spring Invitational Winners

2019 Young Shooters Class: BB Potter with Blaze (4:17)

2019 Youth Class (ages 7-9 (left to right): 1st Place: L. Inman with Blaze (1:36), 3rd Place: G. Tabacchi with Cotton (1:51) 2nd Place: G. Toulon with Goose (1:47), 4th Place: T. Toulon with Goose (2:00), 5th Place: A. Imhof with Faith (2:22)

2019 Sportsman Puppy Class (left to right): 4th Place: C. Brown with Charlie (14:00), 2nd Place: C. Britton with Copper (11:00), 1st Place: P. Betts with Billy  (10:48), 3rd Place: B. McKenzie with Doc (13:00) and (not pictures) 4th Place: D. Moore with Ace (14:00)

2019 Open Class (left to right): 5th place: W. Holton with Abbie (5:25), 2nd Place: T. Easom with Covey (4:34), 1st Place: D. Harden with Kona (4:03), 3rd Place: W. Warr with Lick (4:53), 4th Place: S .Hader  with Brandy (5:11)

2019 Youth Class (ages 10-12) (left to right): 1st Place: C. Thomas with Poppy (1:33), 2nd Place: A. Archer with Wyatt (1:52), 3rd Place: B. McFay with Katie Lee (2:00), 4th Place: G. Small with Trouble (2:26), 5th Place: C. Harden with Kona (2:48)

2019 Youth Class (ages 4-6) (left to right): 2nd Place: E.Easom with Kota (1:25), 1st Place: C. Hufstetler with Penny (1:07) 3rd Place: C. Miller with Riggs (1:35), 4th Place: G. Holton with Molly (1:38), 5th Place: L. Hicks with Lou (1:52) (not pictured)

2019 Sportsman Class (left to right): 4th Place: C. Brown with Brandy (6:16), 3rd Place: J. Fisher with Pete (5:51), 1st Place: J. Burrell with Bull (4:50), 2nd Place: M. Paramore with Jake (5:43), 5th Place: I. English with Pep (6:37)

2019 Novice Class (left to right): 1st Place: L. English with Wink (1:51). 2nd Place: L. English with Pep (2:57), 3rd Place: J.Burrell with Puff (3:38), 4th Place: L. English with Pete (5:46), 5th Place: MB Williams with Huck (6:30)

2019 Senior Class:J. Harbison with Wren (4:21)