2018 Youth Class (ages 9-12): 1st Place: C. Harden with Chancey (:28), 2nd Place: P. Turner with Rosie (:40), 3rd Place: C. Harden with Kona (:52), 4th Place: C. Thomas with Poppy (:57), 5th Place: A. Archer with Cooper (:58)

2018 Youth Class (ages 4-8): 1st Place: A. Mooney with Gauge (:38), 2nd Place: H. Heilquest with Penny (:49) 3rd Place: A. Imhof with Faith (:51), 4th Place: R. Mooney with Gauge (:53), 5th Place: C. Hufstetler with Penny (1:00)

2018 Novice Class (left to right): 1st Place: B. Yarley with Izzy (2:02), 2nd Place: L. English with Wink (2:34), 3rd Place: L. English with Pep (2:38), 4th Place: T. Ruhn with Willow (3:48), 5th Place: J. Moss with Reba (3:54)

Red Hills Spaniels 

 Spring Invitational Winners

2018 Sportsman Puppy Class (left to right): 5th Place:M. McAllister with Layla (10:10), 2nd Place: R. Durham with Cash (3:34), 1st Place: J. Hufstetler with Penny (3:12), 3rd Place: J. Stoutamire with Scout (8:20) and 4th Place: J. Rice with Scout (8:24)

2018 Open Puppy Class (left to right): 2nd Place: B. Barthle with Danny (4:02), 4th Place: E. Small with Rufus (5:01), 3rd Place: B. Smith with Peppa (4:59), 1st Place: D. Tankersly with J. Ringo (3:16), 5th Place: E.Epp with Sonny (5:22)

2018 Sportsman Class (left to right): 4th Place: T. Easom with Sage (5:34), 3rd Place: T. Easom with Kota (5:23), 2nd Place: M. Parramore with Jake (5:00), 1st Place: D. Horne with Louis (4:50), 5th Place: G. Mooney with Gauge (6:05)

2018 Open Class (left to right): 5th place: S. Pickenpaugh with Pete (5:33), 4th Place: E. Epp with Buckshot (5:21), 3rd Place: E. Epp with Meg (5:20), 1st Place: D. Harden with Chancey (3:48), 2nd Place: M. Seabolt with Shadow (5:03)