Red Hills Spaniels Officers

  • Hartley Holton, President

  • Sam Pickenpaugh, Vice-President

  • Susan Epp, Treasurer

  • Emily Holton, Secretary

Red Hills Cocker was established in 2005 as an organization to promote the English Spaniel breed. The organization hosted one annual event in the Spring each year to showcase the many talents of our organization's dogs. In 2014, Red Hills Cocker changed their name to Red Hills Spaniels to promote and expand the many other Spaniel breeds. In addition to the name change, RHS offered a fall invitational .  To learn more about RHS and its organization, please fill in the form provided. 

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RHS Board of Directors

  • Hope Doolittle
  • Ed Epp
  • Wyatt Epp
  • Sean Hader
  • Tamara Hader
  • Derek Harden
  • Dale Hodges
  • Matt Parramore
  • Ace Stoutamire
  • Danny Tankersly